Saturday, 12 December 2015

lego christmas trees, candy and almost free fruit

Ellooooooo :D

I wrote this an entire year ago and never posted it :o How time flies! It was during Christmas time, so I thought it would be relevant for it to be posted now xD

So on a random day in December last year I went to the city with a few friends, and I took a few snaps. Yes, ages ago, but thought someone out there might appreciate these photos anyway :)

Lego Christmas tree! In Pitt St, Sydney. Not the greatest photo, but the crowds were hard to fight xD

The jelly beans and the hard boiled sweets were for Christmas presents, the Wizz Fizz (which is sherbet powder) was randomly given to me for free (I remember feeling really sad in primary school when all the other kids had these and I had never had one! xD) and the lollipop for moi ^_^

Funky and cool looking artwork a building called the Galeries. Unfortunately it's not really a gallery :( Loved the use of ordinary little objects to create something special :D
When life attempts to give you free fruit but there aren't any, cry.
Finding a piece of the online world in real life feels good. #teaminternet Again, this is from December 2k14. I've actually started reading the second book recently and can't say it's very promising at the moment, but oh well. A friend gave this one to me as a present though which I really appreciate ^_^ ♥

I'm always late when I talk about things. I need better organisational skills.

Stay fabulous everyone!
Lena xx

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