Saturday, 31 October 2015

spring picnic '15 || advice 101


Spring has come in the Southern Hemisphere and so has the bipolar weather of Australia. Please stop making us suffer under the scorching sun and then freeze from wind and rain the next day. Luckily, the weather seems to have made its mind recently, hooray!

So this isn't really my type of thing but recently, me and a few friends went to a park and had a picnic! Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the hard exercise you get with hiking an jogging. It's also a great excuse for baking cupcakes and enjoying biscuits along with sugary drinks in pretty cups. Have it with your friends or by yourself, it’s a great way to relax.

And finally, enjoy the photos I took of the spectacular event! (Warning: they might make you hungry...)

DON'T THESE CUPCAKES LOOK ADORABLE? Lena, the co-writer of this blog actually baked these and they turned out amazing!


Fairy bread! Did you know that fairy bread is an Australian invention?


One my of friends prepared these little snacks and they tasted AMAZING! Cracker + slice of avocado + a slice of brie  = flavour explosion.

These colourful bottles had matching stripey straws... cuteness overload.

So if you are planning on having a picnic in the future, just remember this:

pretty food + yummy drinks + great friends + lovely weather 
= a fabulous picnic!

Also remember to bring a camera to capture the joyful moments with your friends and of course, all of the food and drink. Get them angles.

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Halloween!
~ Judy x

#inktober - a drawing challenge

This month I tried something new and joined in on the Inktober trend!

Basically you have to try do as many drawings as you can in October, using ink.

I always seem to fail pretty miserably at these kind of challenges, but hey, I had fun doing what I ended up doing (i.e. not much) :D

Here are the drawings I did. I know they're pretty awful, but it's always my goal to improve so hopefully I'll get better with practice ^_^

Spring has sprung!
Used colourful felt tip pens, and photo taken in Canberra :)

 The Potting Shed
A few friends and I visited the Grounds of Alexandria (I'll make another post on it one day, it's a beautiful place!) which is basically a garden, market and eating place ^_^ Here's a quick sketch I made of some of the plants hanging nearby while waiting for food xD

Not the best of photos, but here's another photo from Canberra. While my parents went to explore the park and my brother slept in the car, I plonked myself on some grass (near a group of chatty mums having a picnic) and drew :) I'm pretty terrible at drawing buildings because straight lines >: ( Drawn with an 0.4 black fineliner.

Ballpoint pen sketch of a photo I took :D

Darling Harbour
There was a loud and energetic Latin music festival going on while drawing this. Drawn with a gel pen.

Pokemon Doodles
I spent a whole morning to work on this after seeing an adorable picture of Pikachu somewhere ^_^ I spent a loooot of my childhood around Pokemon stuff, so here are my favourite ones :) If you can name any down in the comments below, then you're awesome!

Remember to check out the Instagram #inktober to see awesome artwork by amazing creators :D

Speaking of Instagram, what are some of your favourite accounts? From the top of my head, my favourite is probably @taramilktea <3 Let me know yours in the comments below! If you don't have Instagram, then what are you waiting for? :D By far my favourite social media!


Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Beijing , China (ii) - how to travel to school in style

Hello there! :)

This is the second post leading off from my first one and I'm just sharing with you some more photos from a stay in Beijing, China, from December/January 2014/15. (yes I'm very very slow at posting these heh)

In Sydney, bodies of water never freeze... unless it's an ice rink. But that's not exactly natural. So seeing a frozen lake is prETTY COOL FOR ME :D
Cute little trinkets <3
Look at that teeny weeny tower in the distance naww how cute
The amount of effort people put into painting buildings back in the day is just... I'd give up after one stroke xD
I get motion sickness on boats a bit :(

So this thing is basically a liquidy yogurt in a jar AND IT'S SO GOOD I think I had about 10x more servings of dairy that week than what is good for you :P The only annoying things about them are a) you have to drink it on the spot and give back the jar so they can reuse it (recycling is good people) and b) they're pretty much freezing cold in winter...
Again... EFFORT *O*

Kind of random finding a hot dog in the middle of a tourist destination of China, the land of delicious Asian food. But hey, something about me is that I REALLY love tomato sauce, so always gotta load a lot of that sugary fat stuff on top of, well, everything :')

Firstly, this is what is equivelant to fast food in China, which is pretty funny. Yes, they still have Maccas and all those food chains though. Secondly, another thing about me that most people find weird (including my friends) is that I LOVE eel! And only this kind... sooooo good :'D It's also called unagi in Japanese and is THE BEST on sushi :P
Random little market place, which are pretty common. This is where all the fake stuff is sold xD
THIS THING IS SO YUMMY! It's hawthorn (a fruit) on a kebab stick and they kind of taste like mini apples to me heh. There's another type that's strawberries with the same type of hardened sugar around it and it's even better eeeeee <3
This was the cutest bakery I had ever been it, but I was too terrified to take photos in it. Seriously, the amount of times I've been told by a shop keeper to stop taking photos is embarrassingly too many T^T So generally, I avoid it... but always try to sneak in a shot when no one's looking if the shop is especially pretty. Which is pretty hard to do, seeing as my camera is kind of big and chunky whoops
When the graffiti on streets is kawaii :O
Admittedly, every time I look at this photo I burst out laughing. Because this, right here, is how you go to school in STYLE :P
Yet another random fact about me: I used to love bike riding but I cannot do it for my life any more :(
Yummy cookies and cream cake :D
As a sucker for souvenirs and weird looking things, I found this funky little coin pouch and had to get it because it's so funny looking eheheheeh xD
One of the contesters for the most intricately ornate instruments ever.
Koi fish are my favourite fish, they're so cute hehe :D But apparently they can bite your finger off O_O

Again, the yogurt <3
Bubble milk tea :D and yes, that is a Pusheen notebook in the background. And no, I don't think it's legit.
Question of the blog post! What countries have you been to? :D I've been to 5, two of which for a very short amount of time xD

Stay fabulous y'all :D
Lena xx

10 movies to watch!


So I've recently been marathoning on movies ever since I saw Iron Man on television one night and realised how much I have been missing out on... Marvel - where have you been all my life? Although I have watched the first Captain America movie quite a while back I never fully realised how great Marvel movies were until now, so I've found the inspiration to list some movies that I've been enjoying recently!

Marvel movies:

Ok, so for Marvel movies there is an order in which you should watch the movies by (it's chronological order by which the events occur in the universe), but you don't have to as everything is pretty easy to understand - with a little help from the internet. The MCU releases the movies in 3 phases, ultimately leading up to Avengers: Infinity War where everything goes down.

If you are interested in the order, check this out. Well now that my small intro is over, check out the list of movies below (and some additional fangirling.) Instead of listing all of the movies with its own separate number, I just bundled them together into franchises. Enjoy!

1. Iron Man 1,2 and 3
Iron Man - the movie that started it all. Can I just say that RDJ is and will be the only Tony Stark.

2. Captain America: The First Avenger + Captain America: The Winter Soldier
I recently watched the second Captain America movie on Netflix which was great (yes, Australia has Netflix now!)

3. Thor + Thor:The Dark World
Ok, so I wasn't very interested in this franchise because of all the 'fantasy' and 'magic' I thought it had but watching it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life. Tom Hiddleston as Loki? I THINK YES.

4. The Avengers + Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Why have only one superhero in a movie when you can have six + Loki?

5. Guardians of the Galaxy
So this movie had been on my Netflix homepage for quite a while and I showed little interest in ever watching it but it turned out great! It's a tad bit more comedic than other Marvel movies and just greatly entertaining overall.

Non-Marvel movies:

6. War Horse
This movie was an emotional rollercoaster - so many feels. Be prepared to shed some tears.

7. The Internship
I think I watched it over 2 years ago but nevertheless, it is a great movie for some laughs.


8. Blackfish
This is a little different compared to the rest of the list as it is a documentary. It tells the story of an orca called Tilikum and the truth behind Seaworld. It's quite fascinating to watch and a little bit emotional too.

9. Life 
This is a renowned documentary series which was nominated for quite a number of awards and let me tell you, it is quite brilliant with its breathtaking cinematography. Plus, it's narrated by David Attenborough. I highly recommend this.

10. Wild China
Another documentary series with magnificent shots of the beauty of China, it's flora, fauna and people.

And that sums up this list! Well, that's all from me this week. 

See you soon!
~ Judy x