Saturday, 31 October 2015

#inktober - a drawing challenge

This month I tried something new and joined in on the Inktober trend!

Basically you have to try do as many drawings as you can in October, using ink.

I always seem to fail pretty miserably at these kind of challenges, but hey, I had fun doing what I ended up doing (i.e. not much) :D

Here are the drawings I did. I know they're pretty awful, but it's always my goal to improve so hopefully I'll get better with practice ^_^

Spring has sprung!
Used colourful felt tip pens, and photo taken in Canberra :)

 The Potting Shed
A few friends and I visited the Grounds of Alexandria (I'll make another post on it one day, it's a beautiful place!) which is basically a garden, market and eating place ^_^ Here's a quick sketch I made of some of the plants hanging nearby while waiting for food xD

Not the best of photos, but here's another photo from Canberra. While my parents went to explore the park and my brother slept in the car, I plonked myself on some grass (near a group of chatty mums having a picnic) and drew :) I'm pretty terrible at drawing buildings because straight lines >: ( Drawn with an 0.4 black fineliner.

Ballpoint pen sketch of a photo I took :D

Darling Harbour
There was a loud and energetic Latin music festival going on while drawing this. Drawn with a gel pen.

Pokemon Doodles
I spent a whole morning to work on this after seeing an adorable picture of Pikachu somewhere ^_^ I spent a loooot of my childhood around Pokemon stuff, so here are my favourite ones :) If you can name any down in the comments below, then you're awesome!

Remember to check out the Instagram #inktober to see awesome artwork by amazing creators :D

Speaking of Instagram, what are some of your favourite accounts? From the top of my head, my favourite is probably @taramilktea <3 Let me know yours in the comments below! If you don't have Instagram, then what are you waiting for? :D By far my favourite social media!


Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

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