Monday, 27 July 2015

taronga zoo, random captions and rambles


I FEEL CONFLICTED. Part of my brain (and heart) loves zoos because animals are SO CUTE and I love learning about them and seeing them in their 'natural environment' but the other half of my brain is sad and confused because it doesn't take an expert to realise that zoos aren't the best place for animals to live in BUT THEN AGAIN some animals are endangered and depend on zoos and breeding programs to keep their species alive BUT THEN if it weren't for humans in the first place, they wouldn't be endangered!

So confusing and conflicting.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, with some awesome looking clouds.
Anywho, the other day...

I have a bad habit of saying the other day, when most of the events I blog about happen much much later from when I write about them. And even worse, my posts are scheduled to post even more later than when they were written. This particular event happened last year in fact. Holey guacamole, my index finger nail just got stuck inside my keyboard. OKAY MOVING ON BEFORE I FORGOT WHAT I WAS WRITING ABOUT.

... I went to the zoo!

Now prepare yourselves for the abundance of Katherine's photos.

They were doing some kind of dinosaur exhibit at the time, so spot the fake-o-saurus within its natural habitat!
Tortoise gazes at the wall and reflects on life.
Spot the monkey.
Mountain goats just lounging around... and getting the best view of the Sydney skyline...
Om nom nom
Random thing within the bushes.
This little guy was running around outside of its cage. No idea if it was meant to be locked up, but I like to imagine it took a chance of freedom and escaped like a ninja.
Behold, the rare species of colourful-recycled-bottle-cap rhinoceros.
Lemurs are too cute.


I have a soft spot for pelicans... they're just so cheeky and hilarious to watch :')
Three little ducks went out one day~ ♫

Almost as cute as the real things.
Peacock went all Nicki Minaj and flashed its behind at me ._.
The seal show is always worth a watch :D
Best looking feeding stand ever. 

Always a little disappointing when my favourite animal, the red panda, is at the end of the whole thing, and once you do reach it, it's asleep and the only glimpse you get is an unidentifiable red blob in the foliage. D:
Koi fish f.t. my shoes.

So, what's your favourite animal? :)

Talk to y'all later,
Lena xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

june favourites



I don't have much to show for this month, but nevertheless, LET'S DIVE IN!

Lindor Strawberries and Cream
Although they may be slightly on the expensive side, these little chocolates taste amazing. Lindt's range of Lindor chocolates melt in your mouth, and these do not disappoint.

Cute Little Succulent
I bought this cute little plant from Bunnings Warehouse (for those of you who live in Australia) and as you may probably know, I've been wanting a succulent/cactus for a very long time now, and I've finally got one! (I hope I can take care of it T_T)

It reminds me of a circus tent!

These two candles were actually bought from a student-run stall in our school on "charities day", where all proceeds earned go towards charity. They were kind of last minute buys, as I had to spend my remaining tokens on something and I just so happened to see these two pretty candles!

Jols Sugar Free Pastilles
To be honest the blueberry flavour (or was it blackberry) tasted like rubber but the other flavours were nice!

Canon 1000D
Now this is a bit of a strange favourite as I don't actually own the camera nor like this particular camera from Canon's range that much. I basically only left it in these favourites because it was my first time using a DSLR camera properly, and I must say that the depth of field is A LOT better than my little Nikon point-and-shoot camera (it basically has none). 

Funky focus...
Some of my music favourites for the month of June include...
Cheerleader - OMI 
(it's very catchy... don't judge)
Black Magic - Little Mix

So that sums it up for June favourites!

Carpe diem! 
(Is that overused? Oh well.)
~ Judy x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

polymer clay ombre rose cake miniature tutorial


Today I'll teach you how to make an ombré rose cake out of polymer clay :D I'd say the difficulty is a medium, but definitely give it a go even if you're not experienced at all. If this is your first time using clay, you can even use those packets of modelling clay from a dollar store (because that's how I started hehe) :D

If you're not really a photo person, then definitely check out the video tutorial of the same thing at the end of this post :)

To start off, condition some tan/dough coloured clay and some white. Conditioning is basically just playing with the clay with your fingers to warm it up, and make it softer and easier to mould.

Next I formed circles with the clay by rolling balls and flattening them. Of course, you can use a little cookie cutter to get perfect circles, but if you're like me and don't have one, no worries, it doesn't have to be perfect ^_^

But if you're not planning on cutting open this cake, then feel free to use any colour for the inside.

Stack the circles into a sandwich, and roll the side of it to make a fat cylinder, to resemble a cake. Don't roll it too much though, or you'll get an unusually tall and super thin cake! xD

And that's the inside all done and dusted!

Next, use any two colours of your choice, where the start and end of your ombré will be. I recommend white with any other colour, but feel free to be creative- you can even make it rainbow!

Now condition and make blobs of each colour, one bigger than the other.

This bit is a little confusing to explain, but you know what they say... "A picture tells a thousand words" so hopefully you get the gist from above. You'll need a large blob of both colours, and make blobs that gradually get smaller for each colour. Also, you can see that the blobs labelled 3 are similarly sized (well I tried to make it like that xD), and same with 2 and 1. Where the arrows are I'll be joining the two colours to form the gradual colour change effect.

Waaah I'm so rubbish at explaining, but this is what it should result to look like. This is only my method of making an ombré so definitely just try to do any way that makes sense to you :)

Righteo, now it's time to roll each shade out into long thin snakes.

Pick your first colour and cut off a tiny blob. Roll it into a tiny ball and pinch one corner of it, and flatten it slightly to form a plump tear drop shape.

Using a ball tool, this is the motion you'll be using. Start with the ball tool at the fat end of the tear drop, and drag it slowly to the right (or left, if you're left handed). 

So put the tear drop where you want it to be first, and then drag it, letting each new drop overlap the thinnest bit of the previous one.

Mine's so messy xD Once you reach the end of a ring, close it off by pushing up the first drop you put down, tucking the last one underneath and sealing it by pushing the first drop back down.

Here's what it should look like from the top.

Now just continue going around the cake with all the colours as well as the top, and voila! You're done with the actual cake!

Using a green and any kind of red or pink, I mixed these both with translucent to make the colours slightly lighter. This is optional of course.

Eww... another blurry photo! T^T

Similar to the tear drops above, roll the pink out into a snake and cut off a piece. I rolled it into a ball, flattened it (the tear drop shape isn't completely necessary) and rolled one side of the flattened bit into a point, and the other side flared out like a cone kind of. This will be the centre of the rose.

Now keep adding these random flattened scraps around it, in no particular spot, until the rose reaches the desired size. Remember the initial point we made in the previous step? As you add each petal, continue rolling that point with your fore finger and thumb to secure each one down.

Once you're satisfied with the size and pattern, use any small tool to fiddle with the petals to spread them out or dent them to your liking.

For the leaves, I'm simply making two more flattened tear drop shapes and indented lightly with a knife, with one line down the middle and more lines extending from the middle outwards, like I've done in the drawing.

I positioned the leaves first where I wanted them, snipped off the point of the rose and plopped it into between the leaves.

Finally, I cut out a cake slice, and using the tip of a needle, made swirling motions inside the dough coloured clay to texture it for a realistic finish.

Annnnnd... you're done!

Here's the video I was chatting about earlier, in case these pictures didn't help enough.

And also, this tutorial is also being posted on Instructables for a clay contest, so if you liked this, I wouldn't mind if you voted for me xD If not, that's perfectly fine! ^o^

Definitely tag me on Instagram @pinkanea if you make this little cake, and leave me a comment down below if you have any questions or need clarification on any step- I'm terrible at this explaining business D:

Also, feel free to commment down below your favourite type of cake! Mine's definitely cheesecake... mmm....

That's it for now! Oh and finally, let me know if you'd like any more clay tutorials. I'd say this one is at a medium level- if you want simpler ones, I can definitely try that :D

Stay fabulous!
Lena xx