Wednesday, 29 January 2014

charm update on youtube

Last night I finally was bothered to edit a new video for my YouTube channel, and uploaded it. Here it is...

Honestly, editing videos is quite annoying to do, especially when your editor is super slow and laggy, and often crashes. D:

If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel to see more. ♡

Hope you're having a lovely day!
- Lena xx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

popin' cookin' icecream set

Hey guys! <3

I'm Judy and this is a super easy tutorial on Kracie's Popin' Cookin' Icecream set :) Popin' cookin' is a series of do-it-yourself candy kits that are extremely fun to make. So, lets get started~

~You will need a pair of scissors and a bowl of water~

 Start off by opening the box and taking everything out.
You should have the following:
  • a plastic container,
  • 2 cones, 2 wafer sticks and a tart,
  • 2 packets of powder
  • a piping bag
  • spoon
  • and sprinkles!

Above is an easy pictorial for you to follow along :)
1. Open the two packets and pour them into the plastic container in the two separate sections.
2. Cut off the small triangle cup from the plastic container (you might want to do this before step 1)
3. Using the triangle cup, pour 1 cup of water into each section.
4. Mix well with the spoon until creamy.
5. Using the spoon, put the vanilla cream on the right side and strawberry cream on the left.
6. Twist the top of the piping bag, cut off the tip and you are ready to go!

Have fun icing and decorating!

Here are some pictures of my extremely failed icing skills T_T
At least the sprinkles made up for some of it :D

The 2 icecreams :)

Fun tip #1 The container can be folded and turned into a cute stand for your creations ^_^
So... now for the most important part, the TASTE TEST! The icing tasted quite sweet and generally tasted like candy. It was sugary and I just pick up traces of iecream. The cute sprinkles were just like the real thing, but the waffles weren't as crunchy as expected. The cones though, made up for the un-crunchiness of the waffles! This kit was very cute and fun, and YUMMY!

So, I hope you liked this quick tutorial. This is actually my first proper blog post, so let me know what you think!
~ Judy :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

my month in photos

January :D
walking around Munich // Stracciatella gelato in Venice // another gelato yum! // Venice // macarons on train // drawing cupcakes on the train // Lush // painting cat nails // candle melts from a Christmas market in Salzburg // Starbucks in Beijing airport // macaron shop in Beijing // plane back to Sydney // polymer clay berry tart // new pouch and nails // drawing of Elsa from Frozen

What a crazy month! You can also see some of these on my Instagram. What have you been up to this month? :D

- Lena xx

polymer clay macaron tutorial

Hellooo! :)

I'm Lena, and this is going to be a easy and quick tutorial on how to make a macaron miniature out of polymer clay.
Here are just a few examples I've made.
 I know, they don't look completely realistic, but they're fun to make. You can make them in any colour, and decorate them in many different ways!

 Start of by mixing a colour of your choice and translucent clay. This is actually optional, you don't need the translucent, but it does have a noticeable difference at the end. 

Split your clay into two equal pieces. Flatten each into a small domish shape, but not into a pancake! 

 Roll some more into a thin coil/snake.

 Wrap the snake around the dome, and gently press to attach. 

 You should be left with these funny little things!

Now using a sharp blade, texture the coil bit only, by moving the tip of the blade in little circles. If little pieces start to fall off, simply put them back on. Do this for both halves. 


 You should be left with these things. Just put them together...

... and you're done!

Here are just some other pictures for inspiration. Be creative with these! I hope you enjoy, and have a lovely day! ♡

- Lena xx