Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beijing , China (i) - dumplings, exercise equpiment and chinchillas


Throwback to December-January 2014/15 , because I'm always posting things a few months after they happen xD

Just a collection of photos from a week in Beijing, China. I'll be splitting this into a few posts, because I take waaaaaay too many photos :P

Hehehe all the teeny tiny houses are cute
First stop: FOOOOOOD <3


Grapefruit, persimmons, apples and the cutest mandarin ever :D

It's pretty funny how there's exercise equipment everywhere, and they're fun to play with haha

I walk a lonely road ~ ♪

I would never be brave enough to ride in one of these things.

Inside Tianmeneenenen ssquare.

Brace yourselves for the whole bunch of silhouettes because I really love them hehe

Humans everywhere

There are a lot of random dogs and cats in Beijing. Not sure why.


The things on the back of the trolley are these fruits called hawthorns (to me, they taste like mini apples with a few little seeds in them), coated in sugary stuff. THEY'RE SO GOOD! Although best not to buy them off random people selling on streets because might not be hygienic heh.

At first, they look pretty cute. But after a while they start looking a bit creepy.

When the milk from McDonald's is adorable <3

Does anyone know what animal this is?! I've never seen it before :O Is it a chinchilla?
This is one of the first posts in the Travel category of our blog... hope you like it, because there'll be a few more to come! ^_^

Hope you're having a great day!
Lena xx

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