Sunday, 17 May 2015

max brenner || more waffle-tastic adventures

Hello again!

Here's a continuation of the waffle adventures I've been going on recently ^_^ This time, I visited Max Brenner, the famous worldwide chocolate restaurant known for their AMAZING CHOCOLATE. I would say that the food is a bit overpriced, but tasted amazing nonetheless. They were also giving out free samples of chocolate to us waiting in the very long line, which was very nice of them :)

Choc waffles with a side of icecream and fruit. 
I ordered the Tutti-Frutti Waffle which includes Belgian waffle served with icecream, fresh strawberries and bananas. I actually ordered the 'double', (which included two waffles instead of one) but the cashier was confused and charged us nearly $50 and everything was a disaster and the world collapsed yeah long story short we finally figured it out.

Fruit dipped in icecream tastes so good...
The waffles were crunchy and delicious, and the addition of drizzled chocolate made them a thousand times better. I did not eat all of the food if you were wondering by the way, (I shared it with someone else.)

Well I hoped you enjoyed this super short post, and you might see more of these waffle-tastic adventures soon. Thanks for tuning in!

See you later :)
~ Judy x

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