Sunday, 30 August 2015

10 great tips for new bloggers | advice 101


Ever wondered how to get started with your blog or just wanted a little inspiration? I've listed 10 tips for new bloggers ranging from help about content to organisation ^_^

1 // Write about what you know!
Don't try to be someone you admire or make up stuff, be truthful and be yourself!

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2 // Choose a good title and headline image
This is very important as people are drawn to catchy titles and appreciate good photos. A good title and headline image will catch peoples eyes and draw them to your post.

3 // Photos, photos, photos!
The more photos, the better. Take multiple photos of the same thing, as this allows you to choose from a selection for the best one.

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4 // Make shareable content
Making relatable content increases the chances of people sharing your stuff, which is great as your post is being shared and discovered without any extra effort from you.

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5 // Experiment
Don't worry about the minuscule details of your blog for now, experiment with different topics or themes and have fun with it!

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6 // Pick a theme
If your blog is consistent and pretty, more viewers will stay to read it. Yes, aesthetics are very important.

7 // Organise your time
This will be very helpful so you don't run out of time to post on your blog. You may find it useful to use a planner to organise future posts, so experiment with it.

I guess we're pretty consistent? ^_^
8 // Post consistently
This is very important to attract more viewers to your blog. If you leave your blog unattended, it is highly unlikely that people will discover your content.

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9 // Have variety!
Variety is the spice of life! Write about different stuff  and keep your blog interesting.

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10 // Be very patient
Don't worry about statistics right now, just keep posting and have fun. Slowly, your audience will grow and learn to love your blog!

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This is an exciting post in collaboration with Anisha from empowered internet women, so be sure to check out her wonderful post!

Have fun!
~ Judy x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

newtown - street art, cute shops and cronuts


Here are a few snaps from when I visited the lovely suburb of Newtown with my friend Eezu back when the weather was warmer.

This place is known for its amazing streetart and cute, hipstery vintagey shops.

Cutest tote bags ever :D

Here are the Blind Dates With a Book, as mentioned in this previous post.

I got told off for taking this photo hehe :P The amount of times I've been told off for taking photos randomly in the wrong places is an embarrassing amount ._.

A neat little place called Brewtown Newtown, which we stumbled upon kind of on accident- it's kind of hidden in a really small alleyway, and while we were looking for it on Google Maps, we realised we were standing about 10 metres away from it xD

For those unaware:
Cronut (n) - a mix between croissant and donut.

This was just a glazed one, and the texture of it was very cool! Lots of flakey layers and that classic croissant taste, but in a donut shape.

mmmm food :D

Deep quote/poem on a random pole.

It's amazing how down random streets you find the most incredible artworks.

Hmmm this would make a pretty cool DIY actually- stick some branches in a jar and hang off necklaces and jewellery.

I have a friend who's a superhero fanatic, and I had her in mind when looking at this ^_^

This gelato was from Cow and Moon, in the neighbouring suburb Enmore (it's a bit of a trek to get to), and apparently it's the best in the world! :O I got raspberry white chocolate / cookies and cream. Not the most exciting flavours whoops.

I can't wait til the weather perks up a bit like on this day. Still struggling through the last week of winter here, but weirdly enough, yesterday was a blooming 28 degrees celcius! In winter!!!

Yesterday in the sweltering heat I also played perhaps the last ever netball game I'll ever play... (It's an Australian sport that vaguely resembles basketball, in case you didn't know). I'm not sure how I feel about never having to worry about trimming my nails down so I won't scratch someone's eye out, or having to get up before the sun to go morning training, or being in such a close-knit and team that simply worked together really well, ever again.


Growing up sucks! xD

So what's been up with you lately? Any news? :)

Ciao, stay fabulous!
Lena xx

PS. Do you like the sparkley new blog features that we've added? I spent hours yesterday drawing up the new category tab thingies, and we're working on more cool stuff! Judy's also added a little 'Pin-It' thingy for computer users, when you hover over pictures, for Pinterest lovers. Pretty neat, huh? :D Any questions, queries, concerns, feedback for us in terms of blog layout (or just about anything?)  Let us know in the comments below ^_^

Sunday, 16 August 2015

recent reads || july

Hello readers!

So I have been quite busy (and lazy) lately, so I haven't read as much as I have wanted to... but nevertheless I shall share my book adventures with you ^_^

Falling into Place - Amy Zhang
Let me just say, the cover is AMAZING. Ok- so yes, you've guessed it, it is another book from the teenage/young adult fiction genre. It's a bit confusing because of its tendency to skip from present to the past, but so far, so good! Again, I am in the process of reading this book, so my opinion about it may change ^_^

Animal Farm - George Orwell
I have been meaning to read this book for a very long time but it has gone to the back of my mind until now! Yep, it's a classic and you'll feel literate when reading it (... well I do) but another bonus is that it is quite short compared to other novels with only about 100 and a bit pages. So far, so good!

Don't be lazy like me!
~ Judy x

Sunday, 9 August 2015

july favourites

Well aloha everyone! :)

Time for the monthly faves you've all been waiting for xD I have a nice variety here today so hopefully you'll find something that speaks to you :) I also have a snazzy video at the end of this post talking about this items as well in case you're interested.

Slightly awkward: I forgot to take a nice photo of them before eating them all... yeah, they're that good xD Anywho, here's a snapchat photo ._.
FOOD // Dried Strawberry Cubes
OMG these taste AMAZEBALLS. It's a great substitute for candy because they're rather sugary and not too good for you at all I think but a;dslfjaw3roi;wklj it's worth it.

I really love how he edge of the pages are a shimmery rose gold ^_^ So pretty!
LIFESTYLE // Reflection Journal
I bought this at Glebe Markets for about $5, and it's originally from Kikki K i.e. expensive so that was a steal ^____^ It's a great substitute for a diary if you're lazy like me as it gives you questions to answer and boxes to tick and such to reflect on your day.

I'm probably one of the few teens left on the planet that uses CDs :P
GAME // The Sims Medieval
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It's basically just like any other Sims game where you create your own little human and control them to do cool things, but in this one you can make royalty, wizards, priests and the like, and each type of human has tasks to carry out and do. This objective-based game is great for those who lose interest easily in the "do whatever you want" kinda feel of the normal games, and it's also a stand alone, so you don't need any other of the games to play it! ^_^

This is a pretty horrible photo, but hey, that's why I'm not a fashion blogger :3 Oh, and I'd actually need a good sense of fashion to be one of those... 
FASHION // Platform Boots
My main concern when buying these shoes was being too tall wearing them... I'm not very tall, in fact I'd say I'm average, but most of my friends are shorter than me, so wearing these make me feel like A GIANT compared to them :( Oh well, they're super comfy because they're platform so they aren't really heeled, and they remind me of school shoes xD

Who knew blurred out fly screens could make a rather cool effect? :P
BEAUTY // Essie nail polish Ruffles and Feathers
I love this colour! Even though I normally gravitate towards pastels and light shades, this greeny-turquoisy-aqua is a refreshing change :) This is my first ever bottle of Essie nail polish, and I LOVE it! The brush applicator is a perfect shape, and the formula is very smooth and easy to apply.

MOVIE // Les Misérables
I may or may have not watched the entire 2 hours of the link above. Would recommend if you have the time xD
WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY LOVE FOR THIS MOVIE. I KNOW I'M LATE TO THE PARTY... BUT HEY you know what they say, better late than never :D THE STORY IS JUST <3 In case you don't know this book/musical/film, it's a story set around the French Revolution following a convict, a poor woman and her daughter, and involves a tragically hilarious (I should learn to take things more seriously) love triangle and battle and freedom and justice and a;lsfdjwr.

THE SONGS IN THIS MUSICAl/MOVIE ARE AMAZING. Judy can account for my obsession with them... I've made our whole art class at school listen to the soundtrack a couple of times now, to the displeasure of non-classical music fans. The songs in particular that are stunning are I Dreamed a Dream (Anne Hathaway sings with such emotion that it makes me :''''( ), One Day More, Do You Hear the People Sing (this clip starts off silent so don't be alarmed, they start singing at around 0:14), At the End of the Day and the Finale (be warned, this clip is the ending of the movie so massive spoiler alert!).

I'm really hoping to watch the live production one day. *crosses fingers*

MUSIC // Bright - Echosmith (Tiffany Alvord, Gentle Bones, & KHS Cover)
I'm not entirely sure why I like this cover so much, but let's just say I've probably given it around 100 views on my own ._.

Here's the promised video :) Give it a watch if you want.

And finally here's a shot of my cat Inky which I took today while he was lazing around.
Like owner, like cat.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

Sunday, 2 August 2015

how to survive a cold | advice 101



So folks, I have recently been struck with the dreadful cold, and I have been inspired to create a survival guide (or list rather) of things one must have whilst sick. It's Winter here in Australia right now, so for those who are reading from the other side of the world, some objects (like puffy jackets) may not apply to you.

One of my favourite knits!

1. Tissues.
2. Sweaters and Jumpers or a better option, a PUFFY JACKET
3. Warm, fuzzy socks (that don't actually keep your feet warm but nonetheless are comfortable.)
4. A nice, comforting hot water bottle.
5. Something for entertainment, for example, a movie (or two.)

Of course, you should not follow this post if you need actual advice. 

Please seek your doctor if you are looking for actual, helpful information.

I'm just joking. 

But still.

Don't catch a cold,
~ Judy x