Sunday, 26 October 2014

culture bean café

Hello there! :)

The other day, to celebrate my co-writer Judy's birthday, we headed out to a café called Culture Bean for brunch.

Being the newbies we were in going to cafes, we awkwardly sat down and squinted around for a menu. After we finally got menus and chose what we wanted, I accidentally said the wrong thing and got an acai bowl instead of the granola I wanted. Oh well, it still tasted delicious! I've never had an acai bowl before, so it was definitely a new yet wonderful experience.

To be completely honest, I thought the meal was sort of like melted ice cream with a lot of fruit and nuts on top, but at least it was super healthy. :D

Judy got the same thing, and our other friend settled for a strawberry smoothie.

The food and whole cafe was beautifully presented, and the food was amazing! Too bad we could barely finish our bowls, and ended I up leaving quite a lot of granola left...

For part of Judy's present, I gave her a little succulent. I intended to go out and buy a cute little cactus, but my dad just gave me the plant instead to 'save money'. Yep, I believe I inherited my frugal habits from my parents... the pot was from Daiso, and for only $2.80! 

Afterwards we headed to the park, and bought McDonald's ice cream later in the afternoon.

What's your favourite breakfast/brunch meal? I personally love Greek yogurt, oats/granola and fresh fruit, like strawberries, blueberries and banana! :P

Hope you have a lovely day,
Lena xx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

invisible threads are the strongest ties

Aloha, my lovely readers! :) 

It's been a while, but we're back in the blogging game (hopefully).

I got a new camera, which is always super exciting, so I'll probably be posting more random photo posts to record my improvement and to be more active. 

Stopped to take this while walking around.

The other day I walked to a friend's home (it's always fun to have a friend walking distance from you!) to 'help' with her photography assignment. When I got there, it turns out that by 'helping' all I had was keep her cat from distracting her. This proved to be very easy, as her cat ran away the second it saw me. 

Not before I managed to take this shot! Here she is, trying to act all cute and stuff.
Her assignment was to use a film camera and try to make ordinary objects look interesting. This interested me, as I had never seen a film camera before (where you have to put the film in chemicals to develop and stuff!)

Did you know Sydney's Opera House was inspired by mandarin segments?

Afterwards, I decided to not waste time and start on a photography competition I had to enter for school. The theme was community, and I had NO IDEA what I was going to do. 

So naturally, if you have have no ideas, the first thing you do is to grab rainbow colours of paint and put them all over your hand... right?

... Just me? Okay then.

This was meant to represent connection in a community.

And more connection....
... and I have no idea what this one is representing. Rock paper scissors, anyone?

Considering it was winter when these were taken, I was very glad that the rain stopped just as I left the house.

This little fella popped by to say hello!
Started this post with purple flowers, ending it with purple flowers. 

I hope you have an awesome day!

 Stay fabulous :D
Lena xx

Camera: Canon EOS 700D
Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Sunday, 5 October 2014

15 ways to spend your birthday!

Here's a random little list that I decided to write since my birthday recently passed by.

  1. Have a big birthday breakfast. (Watch out for the upcoming post about the cute cafe we went to!)
  2. Go on an outing with your close friends! 
  3. Spend quality time with your family.
  5. Go for a walk outside and soak up some sun.
  6. Watch a nice movie. (The Maze Runner, oh yes)
  7. Throw a massive party.
  8. Have a very nice lunch.
  9. Think about how old and wise you have become overnight.
  10. Treat yourself with a nice pamper session.
  11. Have a chill out day at home watching YouTube and eating pretzels.
  12. Open any presents you have received.
  13. Have a lovely dinner.
  14. Think about how grateful you are for being able to do all of this.
  15. Have fun!

Stay awesome.

~ Judy x