Saturday, 6 February 2016

january favourites - stationery galore!

Hello everyone! Time for a very very late post :P Most of the favourites for this month are similar kind of things (stationery!!! <3) hehe ^_^

Also, expect lack of on-time posts this year :( School has been eating my life ._.

I've replaced my previous pencil case (which was really old and dirty and broken) with THIS BEAUTIFUL ONE!!! It's super roomy and bright and argh love it a lot ^_^

Shout out to A, E, J, K, Queen T, and F for it :D Highly doubt any of you people actually read this but whatever. You know what they say, it's the thought that counts!

Medium Watermelon Planner
Also been obsessed with this planner from Kikki K again and it matches the pencil case which is really cool :P Planners and diaries have been a huge essential in my life ever since a couple of years ago, and I find myself being incredibly unproductive without one as I have no idea what or when things are due... so I never do them xD I've never used one of these planners before though, with the rings in the middle and inserts, so it's been fun using all the tabs and sections. I really love the pen holder and the places in the cover where you can slide things like stickers in! Very handy ^_^ The sticky note tabs on the front are from Daiso, if you're wondering :)

Shoutout to Judy, A, S, other J and H for this ^_^ <3

In the holidays my mum randomly bought me a 30 set of Sharpies... Not entirely sure what they could be used for, but they're really fun to use :D Here are some fineliners inside the set that are in these super bright and pretty colours <3

And here are a few of the regular styled ones :)

Sports Camera
Recently I embarked on a road trip up to Queensland, and this little sports camera has been so fun to play with along the way! It came with a gazillion accessories, one of which lets you attach it to a car window. I have some footage in this video here for an example.

I'm not sure if I would recommend this specific model- it's easy enough to use, but do all sports cameras have shockingly awful audio quality? o.O I guess they don't really need much sound... but still ._.

The lens of it, like any other sports camera, is fisheye, meaning it has a bulging effect as if you're in a dome or something. Back in the day I used to HATE fisheye as it made me rather dizzy... but then after watching a million of a YouTuber's vlogs using a fisheye camera, I grew to really like it xD

Learning German
Admittedly, some of this post was written a while ago. I spent a bit of my holidays studying German, through translating random magazines into English, watching short videos designed for beginners and using Duolingo, a site I would whole heartedly recommend for anyone wanting to learn a bit of a new language!

However, while this was fun and all, I've actually dropped German as a subject at school, mainly due to lack of motivation to continue, and I simply did not study hard enough for a subject that requires a LOT of studying, memorisation and practice. Oh well, hopefully will continue learning Deutsch one day in the future, after the whole mess of the HSC (end of high school exams) are over :/

Matilda the Musical
I love musicals a lot, and a few friends and I went to see this one, based off the much loved novel by Roald Dahl. The music and songs in this musical are amazing and unique, fitting in with the story really well! I'll probably write more on this one day, so will cut this ramble short for now :)

January Journies
Most Exciting Thing I've Done
Helped build a life sized cardboard city... hella cool ^_^ Will explain more in another post probably :P

Hardest Thing I've Done
Trekking around the bush in flip flops. Felt like I could conquer the world afterwards (of course, that's only wishful thinking... let's be real here, I can barely walk properly without tripping over haha :'D )

Saddest Thing That Happened
So I lost my phone (still have a slight suspicion it was stolen but no idea) somewhere in December last year. Then I got my mum's old one which was a downgrade from the first phone... and I dropped it this month T_T So Now I have a slidey old phone with a TERRIBLE speaker (and no earphone jack!!!) :/ #firstworldproblems

What I've Been Watching
JANE THE VIRGIN OMG IT'S HILARIOUS!!! Currently almost up-to-date within the second season and als;dfja;sldfkj it's funny :P You can probably guess from the name that it's not exactly appropriate for kiddies (or immature weirdos like myself) xD

What I've Been Listening to
Sorry, mostly musical stuff .-.
Your Fault - Into the Woods Cast (A friend and I are trying to memorise this hahaha :D)
I Know Things Now - Into the Woods Cast (Might be a little obsessed with this song ._.)
Giants in the Sky - Into the Woods Cast (Can't stop humming this)
Believe - Finding Neverland Cast (SO BADLY WANT TO WATCH THIS MUSICAL)
Seize The Day - Newsies Cast (Found this while binge watching Tony Award performances!!!)
Carrying the Banner - Newsies Cast (It's kind of weird that I'm featuring these songs here without having actually seen the real musical or even movie... In my defence, I've tried to watch the movie, but I can't understand the accents for the life of me T_T)
Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez (Shoutout to Coral for introducing this to me and I REALLY LIKE IT)
Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
King - Lauren Aquilino
I Took a Pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner
Volcano - Emily Hearn (If you read a few of the comments, you can probably guess where I found this)
Lanterns - Birds of Tokyo

What I've Been Working On

Something I've Let Go...
I've kind of decided to let go of my commitments to my YouTube channel and videos... for many reasons for it including:
a) My laptop, in it's 5th-6th year of surviving, is not up for video editing any more :|
b) Time restraints that the new school year will bring :(

I have to say though, pretty proud of myself as I used to spend a few hours a day just of solid YouTube video watching. Now I don't even bother checking it any more, which leaves a lot more time for other things (that are equally as unproductive, but HEY I'M TRYING :P )

Anything worth celebrating?
Thought I'd also take the opportunity to celebrate A FULL YEAR OF FAVOURITE POSTS!!!! YESSSSSS :D :D :D

Here's a little dashboard thing to all of them so far ^_^

January // February // March // April // May // June // July // August // September (admittedly, this one is a bit of a cheat :P) // October // November // December

Goals for February?
Survive the start of school and don't get distracted T^T

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