Sunday, 3 January 2016

welcoming the new year | 2016


After the great positive response I received from my new year post one year ago, I've decided to write up another new years resolution list! So, after looking back on my 2015 new years resolutions, I would say that I didn't achieve as much as I would have liked too.. T_T But hey! I did get to complete some like...

I've taken more pictures as I've got a better camera ^_^

Drawn more and tried different styles that I wouldn't normally draw in.

Passed that piano exam! Wow, that seemed like ages ago... and I've posted consistently on this blog! Woohoo! *celebrates*

But all in all, I could have completed every single one of them if I wasn't super lazy so... urgh why?

Here's a list of 16 resolutions I would like to achieve in 2016 in no particular order:
  • Keep my succulent alive 
  • Stop leaving everything until the last minute
  • Stop being indecisive with everything
  • Put on sunscreen (urgh the aussie sun)
  • Read more books and complete my new goal on Goodreads!
  • Even more art ^_^
  • Put studies first!
  • Stop procrastinating (which is the hardest thing to do T_T)
  • Don't over think too much (I tend to do that way too much and that results in nothing making sense)
  • Continue volunteering ^_^
  • Grow taller (ha, I wish.) 
  • Revise, revise, revise.
  • Put up with my current laptop that's starting to deteriorate 
  • Exercise regularly (which still probably will not happen...)
  • Cut down on YouTube and tv shows and use that time more usefully
  • Be organised!

Well, cheers to the new year! Let me know any of your resolutions or goals in the comments below and happy new year!

Have fun!
 ~ Judy x

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