Tuesday, 12 January 2016

LOST & FOUND || makings of a short film

Somewhere towards the end of last year we were given about 15 weeks or so of working on a major project of our choosing for a computing/techy kinda subject. I chose to make a film because
a) I can't code for my life.
b) I like making them!
Admittedly, it was only my second time making one. But the first time was a lot of fun so why not try again? :D

So here's the result of those weeks, including:

1. FOREVER mindlessly brainstorming ideas. (including ranting to friends for advice)

2. Writing a script. Surprisingly, I did this rather quickly as once I had settled on an idea, I was super ready to start actually creating. This script above isn't the actual one for this one (I can't find that one D:)

3. Writing a second, much more simplified 'script' to give to people to read in order to get opinions. This was more like writing the outline of the stories.

4. Drawing up about fifty trillion storyboards T_T

5. Organising a picnic as part of the 'set' (I'm too much of a noob to be using these kind of professional words, hence the quotation marks haha :P)

I got these little bottles from Kmart and tHEY'RE SO CUTE <3

5. Compulsory ice cream stops.

7. Thoroughly planning out each piece of the film and ending up doing random stuff and changing it along the way.

8. Buying a bouquet of flowers! These lasted a few days and were really pretty <3

9. Skipping out on classes for a whole school day just to sit in the computer room by myself (although one period I had to endure a bunch of Year 7s [basically the freshmen, for all you Americans :D Wait, a year below freshman.] which involved dodgily closing the window of the editing program every once in a while to avoid getting judged xD Spent this time editing like crazy and it was pretty fun... UP UNTIL THE POINT WHEN THE PROGRAM WOULD NOT LET ME SAVE WITHOUT MAKING AN UGLY BLACK BORDER AROUND THE VIDEO GAAAH T____T

And a quick word of thank you to everyone that helped, from listening to me ramble on about it, to listening to me boss them around, to just being supportive on the ideas and for simply being great humans... THANKS! :D

So that was the marathon that was the process of making this silly little thing. Hope you enjoy it :) I'd like to talk about meanings behind the film, but don't want to spoil anything... ^_^

Stay fabulous,
Lena xx

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