Wednesday, 30 December 2015

15 moments from 2015

I was looking forward to 2015...

Why? Well
a) Fifteen is my lucky number (because)
b) I was born on the 15th (January)
c) I turned 15 on the 15th of 2015
d) All the factors of 15 are odd, and I love odd numbers (okay I'm a weird nerd, don't judge me! xD)
And I have to say, the year turned out marvellously (loads better than my terrible last year) :D
Now I'll share with you some moments from this year :)

1. I received a ukulele from my friend's for my birthday!!! Still love it as much as I did when I first got it :D

This photo was from last year, and that's actually Judy's ukulele xD

2. Getting my kitten. It's inexplicable, the feeling I had in the car ride home, holding onto a box containing that tiny little ball of fur.

3. Watching the musical Les Misérables, and sitting in that dark theatre, tears in eyes, squeezing the life out of my friend's arm next to me and letting the music and story wash over me.

(I had a photo to put here from after the musical, where the theatre was dark yet relatively empty and the stage showed 'Les Misérables' in an eerie green blue... but it was on my phone which I lost *cries*)

4. Visiting Canberra (Twice! Once with my school :D) and driving through my old town, and seeing all the places I had spent years expanding in my memory with imagination.

5. There wasn't exactly a defining moment for this, but realising that I'm very comfortable with using my camera and can fiddle with settings and know what is happening everywhere without really thinking about it.

6. Going overseas to China and realising the sheer enormity of the world and what it has to offer, and how incredible it is that there can be so many people, each with their own unique story.

7. Running a waffle stand at school!

8. Having three awesome kids at volunteering run up to me going "YELENA WE MISSED YOU!!!" and having a big group hug :D

9. Finding an old cockatiel chirping literally on our door step. Rest in piece, little guy :(

10. Getting bombarded at school with all sorts of career, university and degrees advice, and deciding on my goal.

11. Holding a picnic with my friends.

12. Changing uniform. Like most Aussie schools, we have to wear a uniform, and this term I had to change from the junior uniform of Year 7 to 10 to the senior one... which I like a lot better! :D

13. Waking up at 4 am to witness the sunset on the Gold Coast.

14. Making new friends :)

15. Posting on this blog (somewhat) consistently and surpassing 100 posts! ^_^

Here's a quick little montage of random video clips from my year to go along with this post. :)

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading our blog, whether you've stumbled upon this little corner of the internet a year ago, last month or even starting from this post- you're awesome! <3

As always, stay fabulous! :D
Lena xx

PS. Second post in two days!!! AMAZING :O New record! I wanted to get this up before the new year, and I posted this 4 minutes shy of New Year's Eve... excellent timing I must say *pats self on the back* I think Judy is doing her own little recap tomorrow (which is now in 2 minutes :O) so look forward to that :)
PPS. Sorry about that, my body is always exhausted by midnight (including my eyes which feel like they're swelling shut) but my mind is more alert, awake and talkative! Oh look, one minute left til New Year's Eve!

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