Sunday, 20 December 2015

how to make a slip-knot | crochet creations


It seems that my crochet post from not that long ago was received with quite positive attention, so I decided to continue with this series and make a handy tutorial for you all! To begin your crochet journey, you'll need to know a few simple knots - the most basic which is of course, the slip knot. So follow this handy pictorial and enjoy crafting!

  • wool 
  • a crochet hook (I usually use a 3mm crochet hook but any size should do)
  • and that's all!

Steps for a Slip-Knot:

1) Take the loose end of the yarn and wrap it around two fingers on your non-dominant hand. Make sure the string is crossed over.

2) Slip your crochet hook under the string, as shown in the picture. This can be explained through referring to the triangles that appear when you cross the strings over. Slip the hook under the right side of the top triangle.

3) Hook and bring up the string suing your crochet hook.

4) Slowly let go of the circle and pull the two strings on each side down, tightening the slip knot.

5) Ta-dah! You have completed your slip-knot! 

Happy crafting! Follow our blog for more future posts on crochet and more.

Have a lovely day ^_^
~ Judy x

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