Tuesday, 29 December 2015

japanese candy review + GIVEAWAY!


As a little Christmas present to all you lovely viewers, we're hosting a give away for these Japanese candies, held by Japanese Candy Box :D

Details will be at the end, alongside with a video taste testing all of these in case you're interested ^_^


This is a subscription box, so you pay a certain amount and every month you receive this box full of goodies ^___^

Can I just say... the tissue paper it was all wrapped in is very cute :O

Moko Moko Mokolet 3 Candy Toilet Kit

First up we have a... toilet?! xD

It's a DIY candy toilet kit (which I didn't open because I've already done one of these before, so I'll just give this one to Judy to do heh :P Maybe she'll make a blog post on it?)

Basically, you pour a powder and water into the toilet, and foamy liquidy stuff comes out of the bowl, which you drink with a straw... sounds a little dodgy, but it's somewhat cute xD Personally, I didn't enjoy it a lot when I did it, but maybe Judy will like it better :O

However, must say, very impressed that this subscription box includes DIY kits. They're pretty hard to find in Australia, and if you do find them, they're not the cheapest/most worth it things ever... D:

Puccho Pyramid Blue Soda Candy

Next up we have these soda candy balls which are hard on the outside but have chewy centres. These were really yummy and fun to chew on xD

Because of my impatient nature, I tend to chew on lollies instead of sucking them slowly like most people I know... anyone else do this? :O

Coris Mizuame DIY Syrup Candy Kit

Next is another DIY kit, which was a syrup thing?!?

Sorry for the pathetic photo... the photo I took of the actual packaging came out super blurry T_T

They give you three little packets of syrup in pink, yellow and blue, and you mix them together and just eat it xD

First impression? VERY VERY STICKY. I hate getting sticky stuff on my hands T^T

In terms of taste? It was reaaaaally sweet o.o And I felt like it tasted a lot like flour which was a little odd.

Meito Puku Puku Tai Fish Shaped Wafer

Totally not holding this upside down T_T
This inside looks a bit like cake, doesn't it?

Now we have a wafer fish! It was super light and airy, and I think the inside was chocolate? Not sure to be honest o.O

Pine Deka Pudding Candy
This one was really yummy and caramel tasting :D

Meiji Pucca Chocolate Filled Pretzel

To be honest, not my favourite. Mainly because I'm a sucker for anything sweet, and I felt like the chocolate was slightly dark :O

Fujiya Milky Sweets
Reminds me a lot of these Asian lollies I had when I was little called White Rabbit or something :O

Tohato Caramel Corn
THIS ONE WAS REALLY YUMMY and so familiar tasting, but I have no idea where else I've tasted it before...

Meiji Cola Flavoured Popping Candy
A really nice twist to normal popping candy, as it has normal candy inside!

So yes, here's the video! :D

So, now time for the exciting giveaway!
We will be giving away a Japan Candy Box filled with delicious and fun Japanese candy and snacks. All you have to do is scroll down to the handy gadget and follow the steps to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The aftermath T^T
So ja, hope you're having a wonderful holiday and that you live every day hoping to make the next one better ^_^ Inspirational quote of the day, maybe? xD

Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

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