Wednesday, 16 December 2015

november favourites

I'm still going through a phase where I've been loving this faded effect on photos xD

I'm about half a month late... so to make up for it, I made a video to go along with this post, which you can find at the end :D

Alrighty, let's just get right into the cool bits and bobs I've loved recently ^_^

Essence nail polish in 17 Juicy Love
Even though this brand is super inexpensive, I LOVE their nail polishes- the brush for them is so nicely shaped and the formula is smooth and easy to apply with :D I wore this particular red one for my school formal this year and it stayed on for more than a week which is always great! :)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen
I've been wearing sunscreen basically every single day starting from the first day of kindergarten, and I think I've always been that kid in the class that's super shiny and smells of it from a mile away... This sunscreen in particular is rather light, but it has SPF 50+ so it's amazing! It's even matte, so I can say goodbye to the super shiny forehead for now xD

Oral-B Superfloss
I know, I'm really weird... Recently was my first time using floss ever, and because I have braces, I have to use this special type which is precut and has a thin, stiffened end to act as a needle, to thread under wires and all that. I think my gums have actually become a lot healthier since I've started using this (I use it while watching YouTube right before I brush my teeth haha) because a sign of gums being unhealthy is if they bleed easily after being poked, which used to happen to me but not anymore! :D Was that a bit TMI? Oops... ^^;

Lately I've been replacing earphones with headphones when I'm listening to music or watching videos at home. These ones are super comfy, as they're not an awkward size where they jam and press your ears. Although admittedly I think these are a bit bigger than normal xD These ones are by the brand Moshi I think, which reminds me a little too much of the game Moshi Monsters (which I used to despise- the characters moved SO INCREDIBLY SLOWLY IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING)

DIY Clear Umbrella
I've talked about this here in one of my recent posts, which you can also see for more photos of it. The DIY technique of using chalk markers to doodle your own design on the inside of the umbrella is really fun and personalises your umbrella- you'll probably never mix yours up with someone else's ever again! :D

Frankie magazine
If all of my interests were squished into a colourful, every two month magazine, this would be the result xD

November News
Here's a little tradition I started all the way back in January's faves, but it kind of died halfway through the year... no fear, now is the time to revive it!

Any news?
School HAS ENDED FOR 2K15 YAAAAAY :D Bring on the last stress free holidays we'll have for the next couple of years xD

Got an award for my least favourite subject from my most hated teacher!!!!!!! *fist pump*

The Best Thing
Enjoying nature and life's little moments. Some days when I look out the window at around 6 PM I see a purple tinged sky, and I grab my camera and bolt to the street to take photos of the sunsets. Probably my favourite moment of the day to be honest.

My love for summer
Is larger than the amount
Of ice cream I eat.

Haiku of the day. :P
One New Thing I Learnt
At school we spent an entire three weeks working on projects in random groups, and Judy and I learnt about tiny housing. At the end of the whole thing, a lovely couple actually came to our school and BROUGHT their tiny house, and it was so inspiring! I've learnt not to be too influenced by the materialistic societies we call first world countries, and to be more aware of what I actually need and don't need.

Here's a photo of tiny house we designed, laser cut and put together :D
 Favourite past-time
I've been trying to get back into polymer clay charm making. Trying is the key word...

Let's just not speak of the monstrosity that is this little guy's nose....
What I've Been Listening To
Secret Love Song - Little Mix
Clued Up - Little Mix
Love Me or Leave Me - Little Mix
Grown - Little Mix
Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
Broken Home - Five Seconds of Summer
Catch Fire - Five Seconds of Summer
Drive - Halsey
Ghost - Halsey
Send My Love - Adele
Water Under the Bridge - Adele
Remedy - Adele
All I Ask - Adele
Perfect - One Direction
Halt Dich An Mir Fest - Revolverheld

Goals for December
Be productive, make good memories and not look back on these holidays thinking "what on earth did I even DO that entire time?!" (which was exactly my reaction after the LAST holiday... let's not repeat it!)

AND FINALLY... here's the video!

Let's chat! Feel free to share with me in the comments below anything- products you've loved, moments from the past month, tunes you've been jamming to, goals you've accomplished... :D

Until next time, stay fabulous!
Lena xx

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