Sunday, 16 August 2015

recent reads || july

Hello readers!

So I have been quite busy (and lazy) lately, so I haven't read as much as I have wanted to... but nevertheless I shall share my book adventures with you ^_^

Falling into Place - Amy Zhang
Let me just say, the cover is AMAZING. Ok- so yes, you've guessed it, it is another book from the teenage/young adult fiction genre. It's a bit confusing because of its tendency to skip from present to the past, but so far, so good! Again, I am in the process of reading this book, so my opinion about it may change ^_^

Animal Farm - George Orwell
I have been meaning to read this book for a very long time but it has gone to the back of my mind until now! Yep, it's a classic and you'll feel literate when reading it (... well I do) but another bonus is that it is quite short compared to other novels with only about 100 and a bit pages. So far, so good!

Don't be lazy like me!
~ Judy x

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