Sunday, 9 August 2015

july favourites

Well aloha everyone! :)

Time for the monthly faves you've all been waiting for xD I have a nice variety here today so hopefully you'll find something that speaks to you :) I also have a snazzy video at the end of this post talking about this items as well in case you're interested.

Slightly awkward: I forgot to take a nice photo of them before eating them all... yeah, they're that good xD Anywho, here's a snapchat photo ._.
FOOD // Dried Strawberry Cubes
OMG these taste AMAZEBALLS. It's a great substitute for candy because they're rather sugary and not too good for you at all I think but a;dslfjaw3roi;wklj it's worth it.

I really love how he edge of the pages are a shimmery rose gold ^_^ So pretty!
LIFESTYLE // Reflection Journal
I bought this at Glebe Markets for about $5, and it's originally from Kikki K i.e. expensive so that was a steal ^____^ It's a great substitute for a diary if you're lazy like me as it gives you questions to answer and boxes to tick and such to reflect on your day.

I'm probably one of the few teens left on the planet that uses CDs :P
GAME // The Sims Medieval
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It's basically just like any other Sims game where you create your own little human and control them to do cool things, but in this one you can make royalty, wizards, priests and the like, and each type of human has tasks to carry out and do. This objective-based game is great for those who lose interest easily in the "do whatever you want" kinda feel of the normal games, and it's also a stand alone, so you don't need any other of the games to play it! ^_^

This is a pretty horrible photo, but hey, that's why I'm not a fashion blogger :3 Oh, and I'd actually need a good sense of fashion to be one of those... 
FASHION // Platform Boots
My main concern when buying these shoes was being too tall wearing them... I'm not very tall, in fact I'd say I'm average, but most of my friends are shorter than me, so wearing these make me feel like A GIANT compared to them :( Oh well, they're super comfy because they're platform so they aren't really heeled, and they remind me of school shoes xD

Who knew blurred out fly screens could make a rather cool effect? :P
BEAUTY // Essie nail polish Ruffles and Feathers
I love this colour! Even though I normally gravitate towards pastels and light shades, this greeny-turquoisy-aqua is a refreshing change :) This is my first ever bottle of Essie nail polish, and I LOVE it! The brush applicator is a perfect shape, and the formula is very smooth and easy to apply.

MOVIE // Les Misérables
I may or may have not watched the entire 2 hours of the link above. Would recommend if you have the time xD
WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY LOVE FOR THIS MOVIE. I KNOW I'M LATE TO THE PARTY... BUT HEY you know what they say, better late than never :D THE STORY IS JUST <3 In case you don't know this book/musical/film, it's a story set around the French Revolution following a convict, a poor woman and her daughter, and involves a tragically hilarious (I should learn to take things more seriously) love triangle and battle and freedom and justice and a;lsfdjwr.

THE SONGS IN THIS MUSICAl/MOVIE ARE AMAZING. Judy can account for my obsession with them... I've made our whole art class at school listen to the soundtrack a couple of times now, to the displeasure of non-classical music fans. The songs in particular that are stunning are I Dreamed a Dream (Anne Hathaway sings with such emotion that it makes me :''''( ), One Day More, Do You Hear the People Sing (this clip starts off silent so don't be alarmed, they start singing at around 0:14), At the End of the Day and the Finale (be warned, this clip is the ending of the movie so massive spoiler alert!).

I'm really hoping to watch the live production one day. *crosses fingers*

MUSIC // Bright - Echosmith (Tiffany Alvord, Gentle Bones, & KHS Cover)
I'm not entirely sure why I like this cover so much, but let's just say I've probably given it around 100 views on my own ._.

Here's the promised video :) Give it a watch if you want.

And finally here's a shot of my cat Inky which I took today while he was lazing around.
Like owner, like cat.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

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