Sunday, 2 August 2015

how to survive a cold | advice 101



So folks, I have recently been struck with the dreadful cold, and I have been inspired to create a survival guide (or list rather) of things one must have whilst sick. It's Winter here in Australia right now, so for those who are reading from the other side of the world, some objects (like puffy jackets) may not apply to you.

One of my favourite knits!

1. Tissues.
2. Sweaters and Jumpers or a better option, a PUFFY JACKET
3. Warm, fuzzy socks (that don't actually keep your feet warm but nonetheless are comfortable.)
4. A nice, comforting hot water bottle.
5. Something for entertainment, for example, a movie (or two.)

Of course, you should not follow this post if you need actual advice. 

Please seek your doctor if you are looking for actual, helpful information.

I'm just joking. 

But still.

Don't catch a cold,
~ Judy x

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