Monday, 27 July 2015

taronga zoo, random captions and rambles


I FEEL CONFLICTED. Part of my brain (and heart) loves zoos because animals are SO CUTE and I love learning about them and seeing them in their 'natural environment' but the other half of my brain is sad and confused because it doesn't take an expert to realise that zoos aren't the best place for animals to live in BUT THEN AGAIN some animals are endangered and depend on zoos and breeding programs to keep their species alive BUT THEN if it weren't for humans in the first place, they wouldn't be endangered!

So confusing and conflicting.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, with some awesome looking clouds.
Anywho, the other day...

I have a bad habit of saying the other day, when most of the events I blog about happen much much later from when I write about them. And even worse, my posts are scheduled to post even more later than when they were written. This particular event happened last year in fact. Holey guacamole, my index finger nail just got stuck inside my keyboard. OKAY MOVING ON BEFORE I FORGOT WHAT I WAS WRITING ABOUT.

... I went to the zoo!

Now prepare yourselves for the abundance of Katherine's photos.

They were doing some kind of dinosaur exhibit at the time, so spot the fake-o-saurus within its natural habitat!
Tortoise gazes at the wall and reflects on life.
Spot the monkey.
Mountain goats just lounging around... and getting the best view of the Sydney skyline...
Om nom nom
Random thing within the bushes.
This little guy was running around outside of its cage. No idea if it was meant to be locked up, but I like to imagine it took a chance of freedom and escaped like a ninja.
Behold, the rare species of colourful-recycled-bottle-cap rhinoceros.
Lemurs are too cute.


I have a soft spot for pelicans... they're just so cheeky and hilarious to watch :')
Three little ducks went out one day~ ♫

Almost as cute as the real things.
Peacock went all Nicki Minaj and flashed its behind at me ._.
The seal show is always worth a watch :D
Best looking feeding stand ever. 

Always a little disappointing when my favourite animal, the red panda, is at the end of the whole thing, and once you do reach it, it's asleep and the only glimpse you get is an unidentifiable red blob in the foliage. D:
Koi fish f.t. my shoes.

So, what's your favourite animal? :)

Talk to y'all later,
Lena xx

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