Sunday, 19 July 2015

june favourites



I don't have much to show for this month, but nevertheless, LET'S DIVE IN!

Lindor Strawberries and Cream
Although they may be slightly on the expensive side, these little chocolates taste amazing. Lindt's range of Lindor chocolates melt in your mouth, and these do not disappoint.

Cute Little Succulent
I bought this cute little plant from Bunnings Warehouse (for those of you who live in Australia) and as you may probably know, I've been wanting a succulent/cactus for a very long time now, and I've finally got one! (I hope I can take care of it T_T)

It reminds me of a circus tent!

These two candles were actually bought from a student-run stall in our school on "charities day", where all proceeds earned go towards charity. They were kind of last minute buys, as I had to spend my remaining tokens on something and I just so happened to see these two pretty candles!

Jols Sugar Free Pastilles
To be honest the blueberry flavour (or was it blackberry) tasted like rubber but the other flavours were nice!

Canon 1000D
Now this is a bit of a strange favourite as I don't actually own the camera nor like this particular camera from Canon's range that much. I basically only left it in these favourites because it was my first time using a DSLR camera properly, and I must say that the depth of field is A LOT better than my little Nikon point-and-shoot camera (it basically has none). 

Funky focus...
Some of my music favourites for the month of June include...
Cheerleader - OMI 
(it's very catchy... don't judge)
Black Magic - Little Mix

So that sums it up for June favourites!

Carpe diem! 
(Is that overused? Oh well.)
~ Judy x

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