Sunday, 23 August 2015

newtown - street art, cute shops and cronuts


Here are a few snaps from when I visited the lovely suburb of Newtown with my friend Eezu back when the weather was warmer.

This place is known for its amazing streetart and cute, hipstery vintagey shops.

Cutest tote bags ever :D

Here are the Blind Dates With a Book, as mentioned in this previous post.

I got told off for taking this photo hehe :P The amount of times I've been told off for taking photos randomly in the wrong places is an embarrassing amount ._.

A neat little place called Brewtown Newtown, which we stumbled upon kind of on accident- it's kind of hidden in a really small alleyway, and while we were looking for it on Google Maps, we realised we were standing about 10 metres away from it xD

For those unaware:
Cronut (n) - a mix between croissant and donut.

This was just a glazed one, and the texture of it was very cool! Lots of flakey layers and that classic croissant taste, but in a donut shape.

mmmm food :D

Deep quote/poem on a random pole.

It's amazing how down random streets you find the most incredible artworks.

Hmmm this would make a pretty cool DIY actually- stick some branches in a jar and hang off necklaces and jewellery.

I have a friend who's a superhero fanatic, and I had her in mind when looking at this ^_^

This gelato was from Cow and Moon, in the neighbouring suburb Enmore (it's a bit of a trek to get to), and apparently it's the best in the world! :O I got raspberry white chocolate / cookies and cream. Not the most exciting flavours whoops.

I can't wait til the weather perks up a bit like on this day. Still struggling through the last week of winter here, but weirdly enough, yesterday was a blooming 28 degrees celcius! In winter!!!

Yesterday in the sweltering heat I also played perhaps the last ever netball game I'll ever play... (It's an Australian sport that vaguely resembles basketball, in case you didn't know). I'm not sure how I feel about never having to worry about trimming my nails down so I won't scratch someone's eye out, or having to get up before the sun to go morning training, or being in such a close-knit and team that simply worked together really well, ever again.


Growing up sucks! xD

So what's been up with you lately? Any news? :)

Ciao, stay fabulous!
Lena xx

PS. Do you like the sparkley new blog features that we've added? I spent hours yesterday drawing up the new category tab thingies, and we're working on more cool stuff! Judy's also added a little 'Pin-It' thingy for computer users, when you hover over pictures, for Pinterest lovers. Pretty neat, huh? :D Any questions, queries, concerns, feedback for us in terms of blog layout (or just about anything?)  Let us know in the comments below ^_^

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