Sunday, 30 August 2015

10 great tips for new bloggers | advice 101


Ever wondered how to get started with your blog or just wanted a little inspiration? I've listed 10 tips for new bloggers ranging from help about content to organisation ^_^

1 // Write about what you know!
Don't try to be someone you admire or make up stuff, be truthful and be yourself!

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2 // Choose a good title and headline image
This is very important as people are drawn to catchy titles and appreciate good photos. A good title and headline image will catch peoples eyes and draw them to your post.

3 // Photos, photos, photos!
The more photos, the better. Take multiple photos of the same thing, as this allows you to choose from a selection for the best one.

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4 // Make shareable content
Making relatable content increases the chances of people sharing your stuff, which is great as your post is being shared and discovered without any extra effort from you.

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5 // Experiment
Don't worry about the minuscule details of your blog for now, experiment with different topics or themes and have fun with it!

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6 // Pick a theme
If your blog is consistent and pretty, more viewers will stay to read it. Yes, aesthetics are very important.

7 // Organise your time
This will be very helpful so you don't run out of time to post on your blog. You may find it useful to use a planner to organise future posts, so experiment with it.

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8 // Post consistently
This is very important to attract more viewers to your blog. If you leave your blog unattended, it is highly unlikely that people will discover your content.

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9 // Have variety!
Variety is the spice of life! Write about different stuff  and keep your blog interesting.

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10 // Be very patient
Don't worry about statistics right now, just keep posting and have fun. Slowly, your audience will grow and learn to love your blog!

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This is an exciting post in collaboration with Anisha from empowered internet women, so be sure to check out her wonderful post!

Have fun!
~ Judy x

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