Sunday, 26 January 2014

polymer clay macaron tutorial

Hellooo! :)

I'm Lena, and this is going to be a easy and quick tutorial on how to make a macaron miniature out of polymer clay.
Here are just a few examples I've made.
 I know, they don't look completely realistic, but they're fun to make. You can make them in any colour, and decorate them in many different ways!

 Start of by mixing a colour of your choice and translucent clay. This is actually optional, you don't need the translucent, but it does have a noticeable difference at the end. 

Split your clay into two equal pieces. Flatten each into a small domish shape, but not into a pancake! 

 Roll some more into a thin coil/snake.

 Wrap the snake around the dome, and gently press to attach. 

 You should be left with these funny little things!

Now using a sharp blade, texture the coil bit only, by moving the tip of the blade in little circles. If little pieces start to fall off, simply put them back on. Do this for both halves. 


 You should be left with these things. Just put them together...

... and you're done!

Here are just some other pictures for inspiration. Be creative with these! I hope you enjoy, and have a lovely day! ♡

- Lena xx

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