Sunday, 11 October 2015

Beijing , China (ii) - how to travel to school in style

Hello there! :)

This is the second post leading off from my first one and I'm just sharing with you some more photos from a stay in Beijing, China, from December/January 2014/15. (yes I'm very very slow at posting these heh)

In Sydney, bodies of water never freeze... unless it's an ice rink. But that's not exactly natural. So seeing a frozen lake is prETTY COOL FOR ME :D
Cute little trinkets <3
Look at that teeny weeny tower in the distance naww how cute
The amount of effort people put into painting buildings back in the day is just... I'd give up after one stroke xD
I get motion sickness on boats a bit :(

So this thing is basically a liquidy yogurt in a jar AND IT'S SO GOOD I think I had about 10x more servings of dairy that week than what is good for you :P The only annoying things about them are a) you have to drink it on the spot and give back the jar so they can reuse it (recycling is good people) and b) they're pretty much freezing cold in winter...
Again... EFFORT *O*

Kind of random finding a hot dog in the middle of a tourist destination of China, the land of delicious Asian food. But hey, something about me is that I REALLY love tomato sauce, so always gotta load a lot of that sugary fat stuff on top of, well, everything :')

Firstly, this is what is equivelant to fast food in China, which is pretty funny. Yes, they still have Maccas and all those food chains though. Secondly, another thing about me that most people find weird (including my friends) is that I LOVE eel! And only this kind... sooooo good :'D It's also called unagi in Japanese and is THE BEST on sushi :P
Random little market place, which are pretty common. This is where all the fake stuff is sold xD
THIS THING IS SO YUMMY! It's hawthorn (a fruit) on a kebab stick and they kind of taste like mini apples to me heh. There's another type that's strawberries with the same type of hardened sugar around it and it's even better eeeeee <3
This was the cutest bakery I had ever been it, but I was too terrified to take photos in it. Seriously, the amount of times I've been told by a shop keeper to stop taking photos is embarrassingly too many T^T So generally, I avoid it... but always try to sneak in a shot when no one's looking if the shop is especially pretty. Which is pretty hard to do, seeing as my camera is kind of big and chunky whoops
When the graffiti on streets is kawaii :O
Admittedly, every time I look at this photo I burst out laughing. Because this, right here, is how you go to school in STYLE :P
Yet another random fact about me: I used to love bike riding but I cannot do it for my life any more :(
Yummy cookies and cream cake :D
As a sucker for souvenirs and weird looking things, I found this funky little coin pouch and had to get it because it's so funny looking eheheheeh xD
One of the contesters for the most intricately ornate instruments ever.
Koi fish are my favourite fish, they're so cute hehe :D But apparently they can bite your finger off O_O

Again, the yogurt <3
Bubble milk tea :D and yes, that is a Pusheen notebook in the background. And no, I don't think it's legit.
Question of the blog post! What countries have you been to? :D I've been to 5, two of which for a very short amount of time xD

Stay fabulous y'all :D
Lena xx

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