Sunday, 29 November 2015

october favourites

Hello again!

It feels like ages since I've written a blog post, but it's only been a mere two weeks. Anyway, let's get onto the favourites!

/ Eclairs sweets /
I need some serious control over these because I consume way too many at a time. These lollies taste like Werther's Original (yummy) but are just that tad bit cheaper. If you've never these caramel/toffee lollies before, you're missing out. Sorry about the sad photo... I ate all of these except two T_T

/ Vanilla & Almond Body Scrub /
This was from a bigger set of goodies but I just picked this out to try it as I've never used a body scrub before. The scent is quite strong but so far so good!

/ Pens /
Yep, been loving pens recently. I'll have a more detailed post on this later so enjoy this picture for the time being! ^_^

Courtesy of Marvel.
/ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. /
I have been obsessed with this show for the past week. IT'S JUST SO GOOD. If you don't know already, it's a TV show by Marvel that continues after the events of The Avengers (2012) and follows Phil Coulson and his team basically kicking ass as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. It shares continuity with other films and shows from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show starts off a little shakily but immediately picks up its game during the second half of season 1. Oh yeah. Spoiler alert. Coulson lives.

// Music //
Writing's On The Wall - Sam Smith (from Spectre)
Awesome Mix Vol. 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack
I've loved old classics recently and this playlist from GOTG contains some pretty good ones!
Dancing On My Own - Robyn (covered by Cyrus Villanueva)
This was an X Factor performance and it was a beautiful rendition of the song originally sung by Robyn. Although it is an incomplete cover, it's still wonderfully done!
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak (covered by Cyrus Villanueva)
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
This song is so upbeat! I love it!
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

Well this post was a tad bit late. Please forgive me ^_^

Stay cool!
~ Judy x

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