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recent reads || october


Let's just ignore the fact that September was the only time this year we missed both a favourites and recent reads post *cries*

In our defence, most (if not all) of our last exams for the year were during that month... YAAAAY WE'RE FREEEEEE :D

Which means more time to read! ^_^

You know the drill:
I read some books and ramble
You scroll past the rambly bits and comment something nice anyway :3 <3

I've also realised lately that I don't really talk about the synopsis of books, instead just how I feel about everything and all the characters (which isn't exactly helpful considering you probably don't know the characters at all) so I'll try my best to actually talk about what goes on and what not :D

This month I actually put some EFFORT into the photo *shocked face* Here are some doodles in felt tip of (most) of the covers of books mentioned below. I know, they look terrible xD

The Summer I Turned Pretty / It's Not Summer Without You / We'll Always Have Summer (Summer series) by Jenny Han
Jenny Han is such a loved author and to be completely honest I'm not the biggest fan of her books... I find them a little weird. I don't know. Unfortunately, I wasn't that thrilled over the first book of this series- even though the characters were adorable, it didn't seem that believable. However if I start a series most of the time I'm too stubborn to stop, so that's that. Overall feeling: it was okay. It's about a girl's family and another family being best buddies, and of course that other family has two super hot and celebrity looking sons who the girl is in love with. xD

The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi
This was a cute, feel good read :)

The Son of Neptune / The Mark of Athena / The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus series) by Rick Riordan ★★★★
I read the first book of this series all the way back in June and couldn't find the rest of the books in my library, so I forgot about it. But then I started again and got addicted, and OH MAN I LOVE THE CHARACTERS SO MUCH! Although I have to admit, I forgot everything that happened in the first book, and by the third book I had absolutely no idea who Piper was. So now I'm constantly getting confused between Piper and Hazel (if you've read this series) so I'M SORRY </3 Lesson learnt- don't wait too long between parts of a series!

Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra ★★★★☆
There's something about dance related things that intrigue me even though I. Cannot. Dance. For. My. Life. Urgh. This book reminded me of an Aussie TV show Dance Academy (which I have to admit, was a tad bit obsessed with that show to the point where I even had dreams about one of the characters who died coming back alive shhhh). This book revolves around three girls, all super competitive and are in an elite ballet school. One word to describe the plot: backstabbing. One quality of this book which I really loved were the diversity of races amongst the main characters, which was something unique (it's pretty sad that I even have to say it, but I reckon it's true...). Be warned though, it ends on a big cliffhanger! On a serious note though, it might need a trigger warning in regards to eating disorders.

Kaleidoscope Hearts / Paper Hearts / Torn Hearts (Hearts series) by Claire Contreras 
I accidentally read the 2nd (or 3rd, if you count the middle one which is a novella) book first which was pretty stupid of me, but it worked really well as a stand alone actually! Connected well with the main characters in the first and second/third books because one loves art (she makes sculptures of hearts out of broken glass- how stunning would that look in real life! And all the meaning that could be behind it <3) and the second loves PHOTOGRAPHY <3 okay someone really needs to stop me. This post is getting frustratingly long.

Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg 
This book was pretty cute (unrealistic in my point of view but still). I've been avoiding reading the original Pride and Prejudice (so I should do that sometime) hence why I'm stupid and didn't realise all the characters in this American teenagerised (yay for made up words) version were all based on the original book.

Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway 
SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE AND THE CHARACTERS ARE HILARIOUS AND WITTY AND CUTE <3 Honestly, someone needs to restrain me and my habits of reading these kinds of chick lit books... T^T

This little monster (see what I did there) has been lying around on my table for ages. I really need to continue reading it.

That one patch of blue bokeh on the right xD <3 I LOVE BOKEH! If you don't know what it is, it's a really cool photography effect (you would have definitely seen it before, just maybe not known the name) where there's a deep depth of field and the background is very blurry compared to the subject and lights in the background appear as little circles of colour (or even as hearts, hexagons and other shapes!) and I love it so much and this sentence is awfully long and I'll shut up now.

What's your favourite type of genre for books or movies? (or anything else like video games, music and... that's all I can think of xD)

For me, it would be:

Books: Contemporary, Romance (chicklit!!), Young Adult
Movies: Animation, Musical, Comedy
Video games: Simulation (THE SIMS 3 THO <3)
Music: Pop, Indie, Alternative, Musical theatre, Acoustic

Let me know your answers in the comments below! ^_^

FINALLY THIS POST IS OVER. I bet you thought it would never end!

I JUST REMEMBERED: ONE LAST (timeee I need to beee the one...) THING:
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Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

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