Sunday, 15 November 2015

café cre asion



It's time for another food post!

So I've heard a lot about this mysterious café in the midsts of Sydney's CBD and feasted my eyes upon endless pictures of glorious matcha fondants and tea and finally decided that I was going to have to visit this place to see the magic myself. So I set out with Lena on a journey to discover what all the fuss was about and why Cafe Cre Asion is rising to become one of Sydney's best matcha cafés.

We actually walked past the street it was on because the street looked very dodgy but nevertheless made it in the end.

First impressions of the place can be mixed - it’s a small cafe which strangely lacks seating and can only comfortably seat around 10 or so people. The seats and tables are very low as well, which may cause a little bit of trouble to eat on. However, it brings a more relaxed vibe to the place, and makes it easier to take photos of the food you’re enjoying!

The famous matcha fondant!

The matcha fondant is served with a small pile of berries and a cute cup of delectable matcha sauce that you drizzle over the cake. By the way, the chocolate cake is filled with rich, matcha sauce and sprinkled with more matcha powder. Yes, it's matcha heaven on a plate. 

I'm starting to crave this as I'm writing this post... not a good thing. Well, this dish has certainly fulfilled my matcha cravings and I'll probably visit the cafe again soon in the near future.

Dish Shown: Matcha Fondant
Price: $8.50
Location: Cafe Cre Asion, 21 Alberta Street CBD Sydney 2000

Well that's all folks!

Stay awesome!
~ Judy x

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