Sunday, 27 September 2015

spring music playlist


Because I'm weird and I didn't find anything new I loved during September apart from music, this post will be replacing the usual monthly favourites post... sorry! :(

But if you're really desperate to learn about favourites, why not check out our last couple of months here and here? ;D

Plugging aside, I've been listening to a really random bunch of songs lately, so I'd thought I'd share them with y'all!

You can head to the end to listen to a Spotify playlist of them all if you have an account. :) If you don't know, Spotify is a free and legal music streaming service, and I use it occasionally when I'm really bored to discover new music ^_^

Birdy is possibly my favourite musical artist <3


I'm pretty sure I discovered this song after it being it mentioned in a story I was reading xD

ALSO OBSESSED WITH THIS ONE- ONE OF THE FEW SONGS I CAN STAND LISTENING TO ON REPLAY... normally I can't stand listening to the same thing over and over again T_T

Yep, I must stick a few Glee songs in here >: ) Even if you've never watched anything from the TV show, I would recommend listening to some of the covers! Some are good, some are questionable, some are hilarious if you watch with the videos :D


Discovered this while watching Guardians of the Galaxy and it's hilarious ^_^

This was in the Aussie TV show Dance Academy that I used to really love... the memories :')

I find San Cisco songs extremely annoying but catchy at the same time T_T

Just a feel good song for me :)

Normally I'm not a huge fan on remixes, but last week I was forced to listen to a million of them so they're growing on me... The original of this one is great too :D

I listened to this one this morning, and fell in love <3 The other time I think someone tried to insult me by telling me that I like covers, and it's so true xD

Basically I love this musical (you can watch the whole thing here!) and the other day I watched it for the millionth time and of course I'm obsessing over the songs hehe. I suppose unlike Glee, you kind of need to watch the actual thing for the songs to have much significance to you >_>

See above ;D

Bye the way, I have NO IDEA what my music taste would be labelled as... basically I like pop, indie, sometimes rock, acoustic, musical theatre... so a fruit salad of a lot :D

Let me know what music you've been loving lately! ^_^

Stay fabulous!
Lena xx

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