Tuesday, 22 September 2015

OOTD // weekend wanderings

Holey macaroni, a fashion post?! Now that's new! :D

My face looked so derpy in this shot, hence the scrible heh
Yesterday I went adventuring with a friend (who you'll see below) around the Darling Harbour, Sydney, area, and we pretty much just wandered around aimlessly...

Apologies if this post is really weird and random.

I blame this piece of spicy fried chicken from Hot Star. Yes I accidentally wrote 'friend chicken'. No, it is most certainly not my friend- I thought I'd yolo and get it even though I'm not the most spice-tolerant human being in the world, and as a result I have a really sore throat T_T So yeah, I'm not feeling it today ._.

Here's some English Breakfast soft serve from Aqua S that I thought I might chuck in here. For any Sydney siders who haven't heard of this trendy place, they're a soft serve ice cream shop with cool flavours that they switch out every fortnight, but their staple is the beautifully aqua sea salt ice cream... mmm so good :D

I blame the wind on why my top looks so chubby :P
Fedora // gifted (thanks Hannah banana! :D) 
Top // Target
Pants // hand-me-down (thanks Auntie haha)
Platform boots // Rubi

Most of the time I don't like hats, mainly because of their tendency to block my vision when they slip down my forehead, but lately I've been really liking the look of some :D

Here's a shot from the week before of the lovely ladies still in the process of painting, and one of them asked me to take photos for them so I kind of spammed her phone xD

Being the most socially awkward poop in the universe, taking photos in public was a challenge ^^;

Me: Go sit on that white thing and look deep and stare into the distance.
It really annoys me how this shot isn't really straight- should have taken it at a better angle urgh.

Friend's OOTD:
Jean jacket // "some random Asian thing" - quote from her
Top // Minkpink
Skirt // Miss Shop
Sneakers // somewhere that I'll have to ask her later for.

These painted cubes are the most gorgeous things ever though (and make pretty awesome photo backgrounds :D )

Lately I've been really enjoying vintagey kind of filters.

This photo involved waiting forever for them to actually start the carousel, trial and error with the settings on my camera and playing around on Photoshop for the rustic, matte kind of filter.

Gelato is always a yes! The left one is strawberry bubblegum, and the right (mine) is caramelised fig ♡ 

Our kawaii nails, mine's meant to be Totoro themed but I don't have a grey polish, hence why they're blue and white...

And a peaceful sunset shot as I was walking home to end this post :)

How have y'all been lately? In the half an hour it took me to write this post, I'm actually feeling a lot less sick than how I started :)

Stay fabulous everyone, and stay away from super spicy foods D:
Lena xx

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