Sunday, 18 January 2015

my new year resolutions


A new year always means a new start, and new beginnings mean new goals. I personally love making goals, as they give me something to work towards and to always try and improve. So, today I'll share with you some of my new year resolutions. I'll probably not achieve all of these , but it's always fun to chuck in a few unrealistic ones in there xD Hopefully you'll be inspired to make your own list!

I resolve to...

• Visit Hogwarts
• Be more organised: use a planner, schedules and to do lists, and actually STICK to them for once!
• Make more original and creative polymer clay charms 
• DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!! When I get homework, don't stuff it in the bottom of my massive school bag and leave it to deteriorate with all the other junk in there...
• Use up more candles. Yep, kind of random, but I have too many!
• Listen to a broader range of music. i.e. deviate from the top charts for once.
• Actually REPLY to emails and messages, instead of glancing at them, then forgetting them instantly
• Be a better listener and not fall asleep in class
• Actually DO my maths homework....
• Go to new places.
• Spend less money. Get some self restraint Lena!
• Eat healthier. (Ha, as if that'll ever happen!)
• Get fitter. 
• Read more books, and go to the library more. And read a bigger variety as well. Yes Lena, time to leave your little head full of chick flicks and cliches, and learn new stuff!
• Stop making insults at everyone! 
• Do something for the community and volunteer somewhere. Hopefully the library.
• Get my head out of technology. Yes, that means less time watching YouTube and movies and scrolling Instagram and the like.
• Blog more! I've decided to dedicate myself to blogging and into making more creative and interesting content: D 

Hope you enjoyed my list, which comprised of a lot of capital letters, exclamation marks and the general vibe that I'm yelling at myself. Because I kind of am xD 

If you make your own list, be sure to let me know your main points in the comments down below :)

Stay fabulous!
Lena xx 

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