Sunday, 21 June 2015

VIVID Sydney 2k15

I'm such a sucker for anything colourful and bright.
Aloha everyone!

Every year Sydney has this super cool light festival where creators make the most mesmerising and pretty displays! Here are some shots I got of it when I went to visit.

Martin Place full of people.
The displays in Martin Place weren't the most impressive, but they had a lot of market style food stands!
Was about to walk into this bit but turns out it was an 18+ alcohol zone thing... 
I started laughing when I saw these, mainly because they reminded me a lot of those fried potato twisty kebab things.

Found this little dead end by accident... but those bird cages look amazing!
Walking towards Circular Quay.
Didn't go inside because of the long line, but loved this display :D
Part of the Museum Contemporary Art Lightshow. I love the effect of the light on the ground- looks like water :O

Still inside the MCA. When little kids and adults alike try and make the coolest shadow puppets they can.
Why hello there little kid, thanks for posing for the photograph!

The one thing that annoys me about the MCA is the lack of artist statements/captions on some of their displays... I honestly do not understand half the things in here.
Wish you could see these paintings up close! They were of surreal worlds and fantasies.
This kind of looks like she's pointing her rude finger.

If you trek to the top of the MCA to the fancy bar area, there's a rather uninterrupted view of the harbour. Especially handy to skip the crowds at Vivid.
Piggy :D
Loved how magical this little building looked, and the eclipse animation beside it was also awesome!

I don't normally add filters to my photos, but doesn't this photo remind you a little of a posh little bustling English town centre? Just me? Okay then :P
This epic projection was under a bridge, with a David Attenborough voice over on top of the clips of animals. The only time it's publicly acceptable to sleep and stare at the underside of a bridge.
Found this creepy little staircase on the way to that stretch opposite from Luna Park.
Underneath the world's largest clothes hanger. Oh and hi Luna Park (in the bottom left), you'll forever creep me out and leave me puzzled over who's idea was it to put a giant terrifying face as the entrance of a theme park.
Because real trees are too mainstream.
There was a board at some point with tips on how to take cool photos with a DSLR. One of them was to use long exposure and play with the zoom at the same time. LOVED THE RESULTS!
And yet another blurry photo of the Opera House. I feel like this year most of the lights on the thing had black backgrounds, which wasn't great for cool photos as you couldn't tell what the building was.
Another one of the zoom lense shots. 
My favourite bit of the Opera House sequence... these cute little squid!!!
Advertising at it's finest.

The MCA's display was epic. Sat, watched and attempted to film the whole sequence twice.
Customs House in Circular Quay had one of the best displays... I felt like I was watching a movie because along with amazing animation, there were dramatic sound effects too xD
And in case you want to see some of the displays in action, here's a video!

So how are you today? :) Anything exciting happening where you are? I have a bunch of tests this week, but then we're let off on Winter holidays which is SUPER EXCITING! I'm planning on being very productive and trying lots of new things this holidays :D

See y'all later!
Lena xx

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