Sunday, 5 April 2015

meet fresh || waffle-tastic adventures


So a while back, me and a friend visited a shop called Meet Fresh! I was so eager to try the waffles after weeks of waiting, I finally got to try the highly anticipated waffles.

I ordered the matcha and red bean waffles (which tasted AMAZING) and while my friend ordered the vanilla and strawberry waffles! These photos were taken on my phone and not the normal camera I use, which may explain the quality :)

*blurs photo to hide people's faces*
These were the funky things that rang when it was time to grab our food
My friend's cute rabbit card holder thing ft. my hand
Yay waffles!
Strawberry and vanilla icecream waffles! (Looks funky, but were delicious)
Waffles with matcha icecream and red bean (with a side of vanilla icecream and a slice of strawberry!)
The waffles were fabulous, and even though the presentation wasn't exactly on point, they still tasted amazing! I'll probably be visiting the shop again to try more of the menu although I have tried their normal milk tea with pearls before.

Thanks again for reading and I'll see you next time!
~ Judy x

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