Sunday, 8 March 2015

iphone photography || 5 tips 'n tricks


So... I was originally going to just post a bunch of photos but thought, hey, why not make it more useful and helpful? (Just putting it out there, I am not great at photography, but I thought this would just be a fun post to do!)

These pictures were all taken with an iPhone 5, using the default built-in camera as opposed to the Nikon point-and-shoot camera I usually use for photos on this blog.

1. Shoot from an interesting angle. 
Get down low with the subject or take from above. Photographing from several angles can really make a difference to the picture.

2. Focus on a particular part of the picture.
This may not apply to all photos, but keeping the focus on the main feature captures the attention of the viewer and also adds to the depth of field.

3. Do not zoom with the camera but move closer to the subject instead. 
Zooming in with the camera loses heaps of the quality and makes the photo grainy and pixelated. If you want a good photo of something, walk up to it instead.

4. Shoot in natural light
One of the best photo-enhancing tips out there is to shoot with natural light. In my opinion, you should never use flash as it distorts the natural brightness and colours of the photo.

5. Keep it simple
Sometimes, it's better to keep things nice and simple. After all, less is more :)

I hope this was helpful, or if not, enjoyable! If you have any more tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Stay fabulous!
Judy x

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