Sunday, 21 September 2014

blogging game very weak :(

Hello everyone!

... *silence*

So...we're back! First of all, we are very sorry about our 3 month absence, PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APOLOGY! Our only excuse for the lack of posting on this blog is pure laziness and procrastination.

And perhaps school assignments

and tests

getting in the way


Will you accept this froyo cone as a peace offering? D:

One of the main reasons I didn't post was because of lack of inspiration. I felt really uninspired the past few months and didn't know what to post, so I decided to take a break from this whole blogging thing. This same thing happened to me and my Instagram, and I haven't posted since. Kinda sad... yeah I know.

Anyway, keep an eye out for upcoming posts in the next few days :)

Stay cool kids.

~ Judy (^_^;)

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