Tuesday, 24 June 2014

FMS photo a day April

Hey there! :) Sorry for the lacking of this whole blogging thing, I hope to blog more these upcoming couple weeks! I actually started this post forever ago but never got round to posting it. So here I am, late as usual, talking about something that happened in April... 2 months ago. *facepalms*

Anywho, I joined in on an Instagram challenge/game where at the beginning of every month, a list comes out of themes and photo ideas. Each one corresponds to a day in that month, and the challenge is to try and take a photo every day related to the theme. I tried it out back in April with Judy (who also writes this blog) and it was great fun! Because I am evidently a procrastinator (as you can see from my inactivity and whatnot) I didn't manage to commit to every day. But nevertheless I tried, and that's all that matters, right? (well at least I like to believe that) 

So down below are the handful that I did do for April. I hope to do it again next month and not procrastinate, as it inspires me to take more photographs (which I love love love to do!). Looking at everyone else's snaps from that day make me very happy as well. :)

Something purple // In my hand // Shapes // Not mine // A taste of Spring/Autumn // Hobby // 3 of a kind // (I can't remember what this one was...) // Egg

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day! :)
-Lena ♡

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