Friday, 28 February 2014

current top 7 songs

Current Top 7 Songs
Hello everyone!

Judy (other author for this blog) and I have decided to collab with our friend Joyce. We were to share with y'all our current favourite songs. Here they are. You can click each heading for a link to where you can listen to it :)

Demons- Imagine Dragons
This song is so catchy, I really should listen to more of their songs. And the dedication at the end of the music video is heart warming.

The Mother We Share- CHVRCHES
I found this song in the deep abyss of YouTube, and I've been listening to it over and over again for a while now. The band is 'synthpop', which I had never heard of before, and I think it's really cool. (this song is rated explicit though!)

Wings- Birdy
I've always admired Birdy, as she's so young but her voice is beautiful. Her songs and covers are unique to their originals, which I love.

Towers- Little Mix
Little Mix has the most amazing vocals and harmonies... they're perfect :) This is song is rather soft compared to the rest of the Salute album.

Love In A Box- The Workday Release
This song is rather catchy, and the guitar in the backing matches with the voice perfectly.

Selfies- Nina Nesbitt
I love Nina Nesbitt's voice, and she's beautiful. The music video is so cute too!

I See The Light- Tangled Soundtrack
Of course, you can never go wrong with a Disney song! Releasing my inner childish personality ^^; This is probably my favourite song from the movie; the lanterns are breathtakingly beautiful (even if they are just animations!) Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene are so adorable <3

So that's it! Overall, I would say my music style is pop, alternative and indie? Hmm, not sure ...

Be sure to watch out for Judy's post soon, and check out Joyce's post here.

Hope you're having an awesome day,
Lena xx

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