Sunday, 1 February 2015

january favourites

Hi there! :)

January's been an awesome month, having spent half of it overseas and the other half in the beautiful heat and summer of Sydney. And it was my birthday. If you can't tell, I love warmth and get cold awfully easily, so me and winter don't go well together.

Anywho, today I'll share with you some of my favourites things from this month! Hopefully I can try make this a monthly thing.

  • Cute stationery in preparation for back to school
  • Glitter polishes. Especially chunky ones, or ones with heaps of different shapes and colours.
  • A little watch necklace. Makes a nice accessory, but also handy in telling the time!
  • Paw paw lipbalm and EOS. I like to apply the paw paw one on my lips before I sleep, as they're always cracked! T_T
  • Fineliners for drawing. When I first found the 0.05 mm one, I was amazed that a pen could draw so finely.
  • My new Kikki K 2015 planner, to keep me organised and my life in check.

Looking Back on January~
The Best Thing
Travelling around China and Hong Kong, and experiencing the culture and lifestyle of foreign places.

The Hardest Thing
Staying alive in the cold weather, whilst being jealous of all my friends enjoying their summer's in the sunshiney Sydney! xD

One Lesson I Learned
The amount of people in this world is incredible, and the fact that each and every single human has a life story to tell shows us that life is wonderfully exciting :D

One New Thing I Tried
Saying stuff in Cantonese. Didn't work.

What I've Been Listening to

What I've Been Watching
Big Hero 6. Someone please find me my own Baymax. *hint hint* Judy it was my birthday recently... *nudge nudge wink wink* xD

Goal for February
Get back into the school routine, and do well in all my subjects.

What have you been loving this month? :)

Lena xx

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