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On the warm, beautiful summer day of 26th January 2014, Judy and Lena were, of course, inside, on their computers, on the internet. The usual. It was over a Skype conversation that these two decided to start a blog, to post about... well, no idea. Neither of them had much experience with blogging or anything, so who knows what they were thinking. But little did they know that through fretting over a blog name (not entirely sure how they ended up with 'bubble pandas' but we'll roll with it), to being newbies at layouts and blogging communities, through stressing over how to comment on other people's posts, and to freaking out when they realised people actually read some of the weird yet hopefully wonderful things on their blog...

And thus, Bubble Pandas became a haven (and procrastination station) for the two, where they would regularly post about whatever their minds can think of.

- - ♡ - -
Drawing by Lena.

15 years old. Loves pandas. Especially red pandas. Hence the name of the blog. Addicted to YouTube and Instagram. Enjoys taking photos, and lugs around a camera everywhere. Embarrasses friends because of this. Crazy. Sometimes shy. Always stupid. ^_^

Drawing by Lena.

15 years old. Just your average, awkward teen. Loves matcha and Macbooks. Plays the piano. *sigh*.YouTube is life, hence being a professional procrastinator. Animal lover. Animal Crossing. ORANGE.
Currently procrastinating.

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(Never asked questions. But we'll stick them here just in case :P)

What do you blog about?
Random knick knacks of randomness!

How often to you post?
Once a week, on Sundays (unless we forget xD). We alternate, so it would be one week Judy, the next Lena, the next Judy and so on.

What do you use to take photos and edit?
Lena uses a Canon EOS 700d w/ 18-55mm lense, Canon Ixus something, or her phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Photoshop CS6 or Picmonkey to edit.
Judy uses a Nikon Coolpix (Point & Shoot) or iPhone 5, and Photoshop Elements to edit.

Any tips for newbie bloggers?
We'll get back to you on that. Should make a post on this. But the main thing is: blog about what you love :D ♡

Anything sponsored on your blog?
Nopity nope nope! And if anything ever will be sponsored, we'll definitely make it clear, and will have 100% honest opinions.

Will you check out my blog?
SURE! Leave us a comment with the link anywhere, and we'll probably find it.

Background made by Judy. Header banner made by Lena.